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About Us

After helping a family member access mental health services, I knew there had to be a better way.  Even with insider knowledge as licensed psychologist for over 20 years, the process was ridiculously challenging.  Making calls, waiting, sending messages, filling out forms for hours only to find out the provider was not a good match, or even worse. I felt compelled to do something different- to build an online OCD practice from the ground up that empowers clients to access care in a way that works for them - to make the clinic client-centered. The process was designed to allow clients to understand what's happening and make decisions about their care each step of the way. In 2022, OCD123 was born.       

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Jim Carter, Ph.D.
Pronouns: he, him, his
Founder of OCD123
Cal. LIc. PSY18893


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With Gratitude

In full disclosure, the only truly innovative aspect of OCD123 is the way in which the therapeutic strategies have been integrated to enhance client engagement, outcomes, and satisfaction.  And if I am really honest about those contributions, they were mostly achieved by listening to insightful clients who were willing to share their input. So, I would first like to express my gratitude to all the clients who have provided that invaluable feedback. Please know that your efforts, struggles, and triumphs will help others facing similar challenges.  


The remainder of the interventions such as Exposure and Ritual Prevention (ERP) were adapted from brilliant and dedicated researchers, instructors, and clinicians who I have had the honor of learning from across my career. Among hundreds, I am most thankful for the contributions of Drs. Lily McNair, Henry Adams, Joe Brown, Ken Stoller, George Bigelow, Robert Brooner, Aaron T. Beck, Michelle Craske, Bob Leahy, Bill Miller, Stephen Rollnick, David Clark, Steven Hayes, Adrian Wells, Alec Pollard, Stanley Rachman, Paul Salkovskis, Adam Radomsky, Steven Rasmussen, Jonathan Abramowitz, Dean McKay, Steven Taylor, Jonathon Grayson, Debbie Sookman, Elna Yadin, Gail Steketee, and Sabine Wilhem. Your collective written and spoken words, compassion, and encouragement have informed and inspired me throughout my career.  


Jim Carter, Ph.D.

OCD123 Founder

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